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Advantage Athletics Triple Jump
by Tim Werner

Viewing these sequence pictures of the top sprinters in the world and other various sprinters can improve your speed  or coaching.  Learning these Warm Up Exercises and Drills for sprinting and running can enhance your sprint mechanics or coaching ability.

Elite and University
Tim Rusan 55' 5" St. Augustine 55' 5.75" from Mt. SAC Relays
Andrew Badger 51' 4" from Mt. SAC Relays
Lavar Anderson 55' 10" from the Mt. SAC Relays
Kenta Bell 57' 10" from the Mt. SAC Relays
Quincy Howe 51' 6.5" Wyoming from Mt. SAC Relays
Von Ware 51' 11" from Mt. SAC Relays
Suzette Lee 45' 9" from the Mt. SAC Relays
Andy Rutherford 51' 5" Great Britain from Mt. SAC Relays
Rich Thompson 51' 5" from the Mt. SAC Relays

Swing-Up Rack
Develop the Strength and Technique to Lift the Legs and Hips
The Ultimate Slant Board
for Full Range of Motion
Abdominal and Shoulder Extension Workout
Great for Pole Vault, Long & Triple Jumpers

Long Jump Training
Swing Up Rack