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Advantage Athletics Sprints
by Tim Werner

Viewing these sequence pictures of the top sprinters in the world and other various sprinters can improve your speed  or coaching.  Learning these Warm Up Exercises and Drills for sprinting and running can enhance your sprint mechanics or coaching ability.

University & Open
Usain Bolt Fastest man alive.
Maurice Green 4x100m relay at Mt. SAC Relays
Coby Miller 4x100m relay at Mt. SAC Relays
Jon Drummond Sprint Start Out of the Blocks, Modesto Relays 4 x 100 Meter Sprint Relay: 100m best of 9.86, World's 4th fastest time ever.
Okiki Akinremi Sprint Start Out of the Blocks from Modesto Relays 2003, best 100m - 10.33 - Canadian Championships
J.J. Johnson Mt. SAC Invitational 100 meter sprint 9.95 
James Davis
: 400m 45.21 Mt. SAC Relays 2002 Champion

Chris Brown: 400m 45.27 Mt. SAC Relays 2002
Marian Jones
400m 50.46 Mt. SAC Relays 2002 Champion
2000 Olympic 100m, 200m & 4x400m champ, bronze medal in LJ and 4x100m; 2-time World 100m champion ('97, '99); 2-time World 4x100m champion ('97, '01); 2001 World 200m gold medalist; 10-time U.S. Outdoor Champion (3 in LJ, 4 in 100, 5 in 200); 1999 World LJ bronze medalist
Frances Santin: CSUN, One of America's top middle distance sprinters
Kelli White: 200m 22.66 1st Mt. SAC Relays 2002
2002 U.S. Indoor 200m champion; 2001 World Championships 4x100m gold medalist and 200m bronze medalist; 2nd at 2002 USA Outdoors 200m; 3rd at 2002 USA Outdoors 100m; 2001 Goodwill Games 200m and 4x100m silver medalist; 1995 Junior Pan Am Games 4x100 gold medalist; 2001 U.S. runner-up, 100m; 1995 Junior National Champion 200m
Michelle Collins: 200m 22.82 2nd Mt. SAC Relays 2002
2000 Olympian; 2001 & 2002 USA Outdoor runner-up; 1993 World Champs 4x400 gold medalist; 1999 World Outdoor 4x400 silver medalist; 1993 World University Games 400 champion

High School
Khalfani Muhammad 10.72 and Coby Miller 9.98 100m Sprint Comparison
Khalfani Muhammad 4 x 100m 41.44 Notre Dame High School Sophomore
Khalfani Muhammad 100m 10.72 Arcadia Invitational 2011
Allyson Felix: 200m 23.05, (22.83 best time) LA Baptist High School. Mt. SAC Relays 2002
Matt Bruno: 100m 10.55, (10.33 best time) Trabuco Hills High School, 2002 California State Champion
Jamere Holland 10.59 California State Meet, Taft High School
Elizabeth Williams 11.45 100m CIF Masters Meet Champion, Ties fastest time in the USA for 2006, Louisville High School
Chris Barton 47.71 400m Notre Dame High School, 3rd California State Meet
Rodney Glass's Start out of the Blocks (best 100m 10.32) from 4 x 100m Relay, Notre Dame HS, California State Meet Champions
Rodney Glass 100m 10.32 Fastest HS Time in the USA, Notre Dame HS, Home of the Advantage Athletics Training Center, California State Meet Champion

Warm Up and Sprinting Drills
Sprint Mechanics: Sprinting Form with Biomechanical Analysis by Tim Werner, Advantage Athletics' Sprint Coach
Review the sprint mechanics above, keep this form in mind and mimic this form when doing the following and all sprint drills or exercises.
Sprint Start see also Jon Drummond
                  and Okiki Akinremi
Sprint Start Preparation
Running Drills
Yoga Drills
Heel Kick
Fast Skip
Plyometric Skipping "A" Skip
High Knee Skipping "B" Skip
Plyometrics Bounding

Stretching Various Stretching exercises and some yoga.
Sprint Lunges
Carioca Drill
Speed Step Turnover
Side Leg Swing
Front to Back Leg Swing