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Pole Vault
Sand Pole Vaulting

by: Tim Werner

  • Photos and videos of athletes in Advantage Athletics are used for reporting public events and educational purposes.  The athletes in these pages are NOT endorsing or promoting Advantage Athletics coaching, web site or products.

     Studying these sequence pictures below of  sand pole vault drill that we do to teach the feel of riding the pole over and past the top of the box may increase your ability to coach or train for the pole vault.  We dig a hole in the sand to match the shape of the pole vault box.  The vaulters first learn to do this drill with a low grip and short run from 2 lefts.  That's 4 steps.  As the vaulter gets more proficient at this drill, the pole will start to bend.  It's easier to get the pole bending from 3 lefts.  

Coaching Points:  The top hand is your support.  Keep your support over your head until you pass the top of the box.  Then, press your top hand forward, down and back keeping your top arm straight.  Keep your head driving forward.  Try to keep your trail leg back until the top hand passes over the top of the box.  Land in the sand softly.  

 This is sand pole vaulting.  We first learn this drill from 2 lefts, then three lefts.  The vaulter below is vaulting from 3 lefts.  We do this drill with no turn.

The emphasis in Sand Vaulting is in the plant, take off and swing. The vaulter  below is in very good positions during that phase. On the way down he's just trying to get the pole out of the way because he's directly behind his pole. To do this drill better the vaulter's trail foot should swing directly down toward the pole tip and behind the pole or to the left and then come back over the pole to land on the right side of the pole.