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Pole Vault Form and Biomechanical Analysis of Kristina Molnar
How to Get Past Vertical in the Rock Back
by Tim Werner, Advantage Athletics Pole Vault Coach

       Pole Vault by Advantage Athletics can increase your ability to coach or train for the pole vault. The sequence photos of pole vaulting and pole vault drills with an explanation of proper technique will enhance your pole vault knowledge and form.  The exercises for weightlifting, running, sprinting, throwing and jumping will help develop form, balance, technique, flexibility, speed, strength and power.

Frame 1: Keep the head, shoulders and hips in the vertical line while running through the plant, jumping and coming off the ground.

Drill: Run, jump up, grab a hanging rope, swing forward keeping the "frame 1" position, ride the rope as it swings forward and up, release the rope just before the hips start to swing as in "frame 2", and land on the same foot you jumped off maintaining the same position of "frame 1". See the right side of the second photo under "4 Step Pole Vault Drills" by Vitally Petrov in http://www.advantageathletics.com/polevault/petrov.htm

Frame 2: If you try to drive horizontally forward trying to keep this vertical line, the hips will eventually be forced to swing forward and up. The lead knee moves into the same position as it would while running.

Drill: Do the same drill as under "Frame 1" accept stay on the rope and feel the hips being forced forward and up after holding the position of "frame 1".

Frame 3: After you feel the hips swing forward and up drive the trail foot down toward the direction of the box to line up with the top hand, shoulders and hips. The body from the top hand, shoulders, hips, trail leg knee and trail foot should be fully extended; the trail foot should be pointed at the box; and that line should be at a 45 degree angle to the runway. This is all part of the whip of the trail foot in the direction of the box. First the shoulders rotate around the top hand, second the hips and finally the trail foot.

Drill: Do the "Pole Vault Tap Slam" drill found in http://www.advantageathletics.com/polevault/rockback.htm . See "Pole Vault Trail Leg Swing Compared to Gymnastics Horizontal Bar Tap" in http://www.advantageathletics.com/polevault/tapslam.htm .

Frame 4: The legs must be straight when the shins reach the top hand. The hips must be above the height of the shoulders when the shins reach the top hand. The top hand must stay behind the vertical line of the shoulders.

Drill: To develop the strength to do this do the "Pole Vault Power Rockback Rack" drill found in http://www.advantageathletics.com/polevault/rockback.htm

Frame 5: Extend the body while forcing the shoulders down and back while keeping the top arm straight. Do not turn or pull until after the body is straight. The standards in this photo are horizontal. The straight body of Kristina in this frame is past vertical. The line of her straight body from her shoulders to her feet is pointed away from the cross bar. To achieve this position the vaulter must perform all of the above positions with perfect timing.

Drill: To develop the strength and balance to do this action in the pole vault do the "Bubka Drills" found in http://www.advantageathletics.com/polevault/rockback.htm .

*The best way to develop the strength and balance to finish the vault after the vaulter achieves this inverted position past vertical is to do "The Topper" drill found in http://www.advantageathletics.com/polevault/topper.htm .