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Pole Vault by Advantage Athletics
Bubka and Tarasov Comparison Photo Sequence
by Tim Werner

Studying frame-by-frame side-by-side pole vault pictures of Bubka and Tarasov pole vault may can increase your ability to coach or train for the pole vault.  Pointed out in these pole vault pictures are the technical differences between the two pole vaulters and the outcome.  These sequence photos of pole vaulting and pole vault drills with an explanation of proper technique will enhance your pole vault knowledge and form.  These exercises for weightlifting, running, sprinting, throwing and jumping will help develop form, balance, technique, flexibility, speed, strength and power.

Tarasov 6.0m - 19' 8 1/4" / Bubka 6.05m - 19' 10 1/4"

Eyes up looking at the bottom arm.

Eyes straight forward under the bottom hand.

Pushing shoulders back. 
Hips move forward ahead of shoulders

Shoulders drive forward under bottom hand.  
Hips stay under shoulders.

Head is tilted far back.
Hips are in line with the top hand and shoulders.

Head is forward and under bottom hand.
Hips stay under shoulders.

Trail leg stays long.

Trail foot lifts up.  Trail leg bends.

Trail leg stays bent.
Top hand, shoulders, hips and trail foot are in a straight line and pointed past the box.
That line is past a 45 degree angle.

Trail foot drives down towards the box.
Trail leg straightens.
The body gets full extension.
Top hand, shoulders, hips and trail foot are in a straight line and pointed at the box.
That line is at a 45 degree angle.

Feet and legs come apart.
Right foot starts to turn over Left foot.

Feet stay together.
Much less turn.

Feet turn before shoulders.

Shoulders turn onto the top hand.

Tarasov with little height over 6.0m

Bubka with lots of height over 6.05m