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Pole Vault by Advantage Athletics
pole vault swing up

    These pages give you everything you need to know to coach or train for the pole vault with sequence pictures of pole vaulting and drills. "Power Vaulting", a complete pole vault guide with pole vault technique and drills, will help you develop the best pole vaulters possible. The poles, pits and training equipment found on the left are of the best of quality and come from the top manufacturers. Use of these training aids will help maximize the benefits of this site. 

Please, have fun viewing everything Advantage Athletics' athletes do, listen to your coach and train hard.

"Good my jump, it will be done." Sergei Bubka

Pole Vault Technique and Drills

How to Get Past Vertical
Pole Vault Swing Compared to the Gymnastics Horizontal Bar Swing
The Topper The "TOP" pole vault training devise for strength and balance on the top of your vault. It emphasizes keeping the body in line with the pole during recoil and strength & balance between the feet and top hand while the vaulter pulls, turns, and pushes.
Coaching Points for the different phases of the pole vault.
Swetlana Feofanova / Kelly Suttle Comparison
Video Analysis of the Last 3 Steps
Letters to the Coach
Six Stride Check Mark: By, Dave Johnston
Learning the Proper Take-off
Pop-up Drill
Pole Vault Ground Drills
Sand Pole Vaulting
Bubka and Tarasov: A side by side comparison.
A frame by Frame Comparison.
Vatali Petrov Drills: Petrov was Bubka's coach.
Pole Vault Store: Great deals when purchasing more than one pole.
Click here to see a special e-mail titled "What do ya mean don't jump?" It talks about jumping off the runway in the pole vault.
Vitali Petrov's Progression Chart


Sequence Pictures of Pole Vaulters

  • Photos and videos of athletes in Advantage Athletics are used for reporting public events and educational purposes.  The athletes in these pages are NOT endorsing or promoting Advantage Athletics coaching, web site or products.

"Power Vaulting"
A pole vault guide with technique and drills.
The Approach and Pole Carry
The Plant
The Take-off
The Swing
The Rockback
The Pull, Turn and Push

Pole Vault Swing Up Rack Exercise Videos
How to Coach or Make the Pole Vault Swing Up Rockback Stronger and Faster
Hands Off Spotting to Addist During the Exericse!
The Ultimate Ab Workout
Pole Vault Whip-Swing and Double Leg Hang Exercises
Pole Vault Swing Up Progression Training
Side by Side Swing Up Rack/Pole Vault Comparision Video 
More videos in Instagram @polevsults #swinguprack

Pole Vaulters that Trained with Advantage Athletics
Mike Tully, 19' 3" (Olympic Silver Medalist)
Denis Kholev, 18' 8" (Israel National Record)
Sue DiMarco, 12' 3" (Submasters World Record)
High School Boys: Tom Parker, 17'
High School Girls: Melissa Astete, 13' 3/4"

Pole Vault Training: Our Club or Personal Pole Vault Training in the Los Angeles area can lead you to your goals.

Map to our Training Center in Sherman Oaks, CA

The Topper Drill compared to what a vaulter does on the top of a 19' 10" vault.




Olympic and University Pole Vaulters

Sergey Bubka, World Record Holder
Tim Lobinger, 6.01m attempt 19' 8.5"
Tye Harvey, 19' 4"
Tommy Skipper, New 2004 18′ 10.25″ NCAA Western Regionals at CSUN 2004, Freshman Oregon, Pac 10 Record
Jeff Ryan, 18' attempt, 2003 USC vs. UCLA Champion
Toby Stevenson: 18'9" attempt from Mt. SAC Relays 2002 New 10/02
Piotr Buciarski: Denmark
Bubka and Tarasov: World Record Holder and World Champion, a side by side comparison.
Jeff Hartwig: Indoor & Outdoor American record holder; 1999 World Indoor silver medalist; 1996 Olympian; 1998 Goodwill Games champion; ); USA Outdoor champion (1998, '99, '02).
Nick Hysong: 2000 Olympic gold medalist; 2001 World Outdoor Champs bronze medalist; 2nd, 2000 Olympic Trials; 2nd, 1999 USA Outdoors; 4th, 1999 World Championships; 1995 U.S. Indoor Champion
Lawrence Johnson: 2001 World Indoor gold medalist; 2000 Olympic silver medalist; 3-time U.S. Indoor Champion (1997, 2000, '01); 4-time U.S. Outdoor Champion ('96, '97, '00, '01); 1997 World Indoor silver medalist; four-time NCAA Champion.
Denis Kholev: USC, 18' 4" NCAA Champion
Tim Mack, 18' 9" attempt Mt. SAC Relays 2002
2002 U.S. Indoor champ; 2001 Goodwill Games champion; 2001 U.S. Outdoor runner-up; 9th at 2001 World Outdoor; 1995 NCAA Indoor Champion.
Mary Sauer: 14' 2" / Mary Sauer
2002 U.S. Indoor Champion; 2nd at 2002 USA Outdoors Championships; 3rd at 2000 U.S. Indoor & 2001 Outdoor Championships; 2001 World Outdoor Championships finalist.
Lisa Kubishta
Borya: 18'
Melissa Price 3rd, 2001 USA Outdoors; 9th, 2000 Olympic Trials; Runner-up, 2000 NCAA Outdoors; 6th, 1998 USA Juniors; 12th at 2001 World Outdoor Championships; 11th at 1999 World University Games; 9th at 2001 World University Games.
Jill Wittenwyler
Giovanni Lanaro: 17'6" Former Mt. SAC

Melissa Astete: 01/29/02 USC
Jeff Ryan: 17'3" USC

Murray Mead: Indoor Masters National Champion with an e-mail about jumping at the plant.
Steve Morris: 13' 6"

 High School Pole Vaulters

Ryan Shuler, 16' Freshman, 2003 California State Champion
Donovan Kilmartin 16'6" 2003 Arcadia Champion
Click for Kilmartin compared to Bubka
Kira Costa, California State 2003 Champion, 13' 8.5" attempt, Golden West Champion, National HS Record Holder 2003.
Kira Costa, New National Indoor Girl's PV Record 13'4.5"
Josh Lubeck, New Advantage Athletics' pole vaulter for 2003.
Chris Ostoich, Advantage Athletics' only vaulter for 2002, 14'6" 2002 CIF Champion
Logan Odden, Marina High School 16'
Shayla Ballentine National High School Girl's Pole Vault Record 13' 8"
Chelsea Johnson 13' 6" 2002 California State Champion New 10/02
Melissa Astete: 13'1" (high school) Advantage Athletics 2001
Michelle Rivera: 12' (h.s. jr.) Advantage Athletics 2001
Jessica Alas: 11' (h.s. jr.) Advantage Athletics 2001
Logan Odden Marina High School, 2000
Rachel Viau: Arroyo Grande High School 2001
Julene Bailey, Idaho 12' 6", 2003 High School National Champion
Molly Pearlman, Notre Dame HS, 11' attempt New / Arcadia Invitational 2011 / Mt SAC Relays / League Finals - 12'1" attempt /
Aiden Elias 13' attempt
Quintin Franco
Connor Paul
Cameron Edonburg
Tomas Crowe
Gabby Bruzzelli

Pole Vault Swing-Up Rack  
"Keeps the Shoulders Engaged!"
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Places You Can Find the Pole Vault Swing-Up Rack
*Home of World Record Holder!
*5 European National Record Holders
*NCAA D1 Championship Team
*US Olympic Training Center
*Ski, Norway
*Ostia Fiamme Gialle Italy Sport Center Home of Italy's 2019 #1 Pole Vaulter
*National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYA, JAPAN
*South Korea, UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Philippines, Puerto Rico...
*Vault Barn, USA #1 Outdoor HS freshman boy 16'1"
*North County Pole Vault home of the number 1 high school girl's pole vault squad in the nation!
*Higher Flyers Pole Vault home of the Pole Vault Summit's Coach of the Year!
*Hundreds more Leading Universities, Clubs, Training Centers and Homes around the World!

Pole Vault Swing Up Rockback
Pole Vault Swing Up Rockback
pole vault, mondo duplantis

The Topper How to Video

The Topper The "TOPPER" pole vault training devise to help develop strength, balance and getting in line with your pole on the top of your pole vault.