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Advantage Athletics Javelin Throw
by Tim Werner

Viewing these sequence pictures of the top javelin throwers in the world and other various throwers can improve your throwing or coaching ability.  Learning these Warm Up Exercises and Drills for warming up and throwing can enhance your throwing mechanics or coaching ability.

Dave Stevens 265' / 2 time Olympian
Breaux Greer 254' 10" / 77.67m, Three-time USA Champion ('00, '01, '02); 4th at 2001 World Outdoor Championships; 12th at 2000 Olympics; 3rd at 1996 Olympic Trials; 2nd at 2001 Goodwill Games.
Oscar Duncan 242' 8" / 73.96m / Mt. SAC Relays 2002
Leigh Smith: University of Tennessee
Nicole Carroll Olympic Trials Champion! Women's Javelin 176' 4"
Emily Carlsten Florida, Women's Javelin 173' 3"
Garett Noel, 240'
Artur Wszelaki 242' 5" / 73.42m from Mt. SAC Relays
James Goulding from Fiji, 242' 5"
Brian Kollar 237' / 72.25m from Mt. SAC Relays
Frederic Lilienthal
Rich Destefano
Ti Sevin 232' 6"
Rotator Cuff Shoulder Throwing Drills

Swing-Up Rack
The Ultimate Slant Board
for Full Range of Motion
Abdominal and Shoulder Extension Workout
Great for Pole Vault, Long & Triple Jumpers and JSwing Up Rack for Javelin Throwingavelin Throwers!!

The Javee Javelin Trainer

Javelin flexibility and technique trainer.

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