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Advantage Athletics Discus Throw
by Tim Werner

Viewing these sequence pictures of the top discus throwers in the world and other various discus throwers can improve your throwing or coaching ability.  Learning these Warm Up Exercises and Drills for discus throwing can enhance your discus throwing mechanics or coaching ability.

University and Open
Virgilius Alekna, Lithuania 67.8 meters, 222' 5" Lithuania, Mt. SAC Relays Discus Throw Champion
Virgilius Alekna, Rear View

High School
Travis Jones, 183' 2" High School
Williams: Eagle Rock High School, 196' 11"
Pendleton: High School, 192' 11"
Varner, Bakersfield H.S. side view
Varner, Bakersfield H.S. back view

Discus Drills
Discus Line Drill