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Advantage Athletics Coaching
by Tim Werner

Viewing these sequence pictures of top Track and Field athletes in the world may improve your speed, technique, knowledge or coaching abilities. 

Speed and Agility for ANY SPORT
All Track and Field Events

World Famous Pole Vault

Available in the Los Angeles, California Area

Adapted Physical Education Specialist
Special Olympic Coach

Call for Reservations. (818) 261-4493
Rodney Glass

100m State Champion
10.32 Fastest H.S. Time in the USA
Khalfani Muhammad
100m State Champion
10.22 Fastest HS time in the USA

both Notre Dame High School
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Athletes that have Trained with Advantage Athletics

Pole Vault
Open Men: Mike Tully, 19' 3" (Olympic Silver Medalist)
Denis Kholev, 18' 8" (NCAA Champion)
Open Women: Sue DiMarco, 12' 3" (Submasters World Record)
High School Boys: Tom Parker, 17'
High School Girls: Melissa Astete, 13' 3/4"

Decathlon Shawn Wilbourn 8268 #89 All Time World List 10.65 711 14.99 195 49.23 14.13w 49.26 490 61.00 4:45.64

Shot Put Jennifer Whelchel, 42' 11" High School

Javelin Throw
Joe Greenberg, 223' Masters National and World Champion
Dave Stevens, 265'+ 2 Time Olympian
Donna Mayhew, 7 Time USA Champion

High Jump
Men: Walt Stewart 7' 2 1/2" NCAA Div. II Champion
Kenny Burke 7' 1/2", Dave Swanson 7' 1"
Women: Crissy Mills 6' 1 1/2",
Sue DiMarco 6' 1"
HS Boys: Ed Cogan 6' 10", Tyler Ruiz 6' 9.5"
HS Girls: Crissy Mills 6' (HS Junior) California State Champion

From our Guestbook: Friday 02/07/2003 6:33:54pm
Name: Jennifer Middleton 
Shot Put 42' 11" in High School
Comments: Hey, you trained me back in the day. I came from Agoura to Cal St. Northridge to train a few days a week, and boy did it pay off. Got me a scholarship to UCLA. Thanks Tim. Glad to see you are still helping out the kids. Jennifer Whelchel, when you trained me. Take Care, Jen Middleton